Commercial Cooking Equipment Repair

Restaurant Grade Cooking Equipment Repair

Our technicians ar expertly trained to service and repair restaurant grade cooking equipment including commercial ranges, ovens, pizza ovens and deep fryers.

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Commercial Range Service & Repair

Convection Ranges- Are the most common of commercial kitchen ranges (some equipped with griddles) allow for an even temperature throughout the oven while cooking.

Most are natural gas or liquid propane and vary in size for application. Commercial ranges span 35 to 72 inches in width, consisting of one to twelve burners with BTU ratings can range from 67,000 to 430,000 depending on kitchen production. Brands of commercial ranges include, Bakers Pride, US Range, Vulcan and Wolf ranges.

Commercial Oven Service & Repair

We are trained and experienced to maintain commercial oven types from convection ovens, space saver ovens, standard ovens and storage-based ovens.

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Pizza Ovens

Our technicians are trained to troubleshoot, repair, and service a variety of pizza oven types such as convection, deck, brick and conveyor ovens. Brands of expertise include Blodgett, Baker’s Pride, Lincoln and more.

Commercial Deep Fryer Repair & Service

There are two primary types of commercial deep fryers, the electric deep fryer and the gas deep fryer. Models include counter-top deep fryers or as well as floor model deep fryers. Intricacies vary for troubleshooting and assessment for the different types of units for electronics and mechanics.

Manufactures of Commercial Deep Fryers that we service include Frymaster Grindmaster-Cecilware Vulcan Anets Dean Garland/US Range Pitco Globe

Electric Deep Fryers

Electric Commercial Deep Fryers have many benefits. Once heated to temperature, the electric deep fryer has a faster recovery time between frying cycles. This is due to the electric heating element located in the oil of the deep fryer. This very convenient for sports bars or food trucks that need a fast turn over.

In addition, an electric deep fryer is more versatile and portable as they do not need to be hooked up to a gas line.

Gas Deep Fryers

Commercial Gas Deep Fryers are usually used by large restaurants or hotels that depend on high volume food production. Gas Deep Fryers can reach higher oil temperatures in a much faster time. With the higher demand put on a gas deep fryer, usually it will be a floor model with a deeper frying area and require vent hood system.

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