Draft Beer Systems Repair and Service


Our Technicians are certified by the Micro Matic Dispense Institute, providing our technicians the skills and expertise to service your Draft Beer Systems.

Central Ohio Appliance Repair’s Commercial Division also offers Draft Beer Systems services, repair and Maintenance

Beer Draft System Service and Maintenance

Draft Beer Line Cleaning:

Draft Beer Lines should be cleaned every two weeks to prevent the build-up of yeast, mold and other bacteria.

Draft Beer Line Maintenance:

A scheduled maintenance program vital to delivering the highest quality of beer and reducing downtime occurrence.

Proper Co2 Pressure:

Maintaining proper Co2 pressure significantly reduces waste in foam to reduce waste and increase profitability.

Leaking Beer Lines:

Leaking lines slow the delivery of the beer, as well as being very costly in loss and waste.

Cooler Temperatures:

Failing to maintain accurate temperature affects the speed of delivery, foam control, and the quality of beer served. This applies walk-in coolers systems, coolers housing multiple kegs, or a smaller “Kegerator” cooling units.

Glycol Beer System Service & Maintenance:

Glycol are used to maintain temperature on larger Multi Beer Tap Systems. They use a chilled line filled with Glycol that is incased with the trunk of the Beer Lines from the Beer Keg to the Beer Tap. Glycol Beer System service also includes compressor maintenance that cools the Glycol.