Commercial Dishwasher Repair

Commercial Dishwasher Repair & Service

Commercial dishwasher repair and service requires a specialized combination of expertise. It requires a technician to be part plumber, electrician, and mechanical engineer. It is imperative to get a dishwasher repair technician with the required experience.

Clean dishes are critical to any operation serving food from a restaurant, to café, to a caterer, to larger corporate and facility cafeterias. The size and types of commercial and industrial dishwashers are largely dependent on volume and what types of dishes are being washed.

Common Dishwasher Types

Under the Counter Dishwasher

An under-counter dishwasher is not so unlike the common residential models you are used to seeing at home. It can be a perfect solution for smaller restaurants and coffee shops that do not require a heavy volume.


A glasswasher is designed to be gentler with more fragile glassware such as wine glasses and flutes. Such a stem is particularly delicate. Under-counter models are common and priced similarly to regular under the counter machines. Higher value styles are also available and priced accordingly for capacity and design.

Door Type Dishwashers

Door type dishwashers have a large door that stays open until the internal racks are filled. These models are designed to handle higher volume situations and often have a much larger footprint than under-counter models. They, also require a higher volume of electricity and water for operation.

Conveyor Dishwashers

These industrial-scale dishwashers are a common choice for large corporate cafeterias, hospitals, universities and hotels. They also require significant investment for purchase, installation and maintenance.

One of the best ways to save money on servicing a commercial dishwasher and get more years out of your investment is to regularly maintain them by replacing common parts such as hoses and belts on a regular basis.

Popular Commercial Dishwasher Brands

There are many brands of commercial dishwashers for commercial applications. Our technicians have experience with the service and repair of such brands as: