Commercial Ice Machine Repair


Central Ohio Appliance Repair Inc. has been helping the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry in central Ohio for years. Whether it be restaurants, hotels, hospitals or any other commercial application needed.
Central Ohio Appliance Repair Inc. can help with the repair of an Ice Machine not making Ice, to preparing a Preventative Maintenance Program of descaling and maintaining you Ice Machine.

In addition, if you do not currently have a Water Filtration System set up with your Ice Machine, Central Ohio Appliance Repair Inc. can advise and install the proper Water Filtration System for you Ice Machine.

Commercial Ice Machines are one of the cornerstones of the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry. Whether it be filling your ice bucket after checking into a hotel, or the bartender preparing your favorite drink.

Ice production has come a long way, since the days of a slab of ice being delivered. Today’s Ice Machines provide many types of ice such as, Cubed ice, Nugget Ice, Flake Ice, Crescent Ice, Square Ice or Round Ice.

The three major Ice Machine manufacturers that produce these types of Ice cubes are;

Cubed Ice Cubes, Flake Ice, Crescent Ice Cubes and Nugget Ice Cubes are the most common ice cubes that are used throughout the restaurant and hospitality industry today.

One important factor is selecting the right size Ice Machine for your needs.

Selecting the right size ice machine:

Not having enough ice to fit your needs could cause big problems for your business. We have provided a link below from Wasserstrom Restaurant Equipment’s website that may provide a quick guide to calculating the correct size Ice Machine for your needs.

Selecting the right ice cube style:

Cubed and Nugget Ice Cubes; These types of ice cubes are generally used for soda and mixed drinks.

Flake Ice; Flake Ice is used greatly for produce displays and seafood displays

Specialty Ice Cubes; Specialty Ice Cubes, such as 2” Round Ice Cubes or 2” Square Ice Cubes are generally used in Rocks glasses. The size and density of the Ice Cubes chill the drink quickly, without melting and diluting the drink.


Water Filtration: Water filtration for Ice Machines can greatly improve the Ice Cubes clarity, as well as removing chemical and odors from the Ice Cube. A proper Water Filtration System used with your Ice Machine can also help save money and prolong the life of the Ice Machine. The Water Filtration System will reduce the lime scale build up, thus reducing the number of times of descaling the Ice Machine and parts deterioration.

Ice machines are a staple for restaurants, bars, retail stores, corporations and minimarts. Whether used for beverage service, food preservation, or bagged sale, ice machines are a critical staple for operation. Commercial ice machines primarily fall under two categories, self-contained ice machines and modular ice machines.

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Self-Contained Ice Machines

Self-Contained Ice Machines are built with both the ice maker as well as the container for storing the ice that is produced. They are a step above consumer models, and often designed to fit with countertop configurations and tighter spaces as opposed to modular ice machines. They are a perfect solution for smaller bars, restaurants, and retail businesses based on volume and application.

Modular Ice Machines

Modular ice machines are high production pieces of equipment, where a separate storage bin is required for when the ice is made. When high volume ice production in shorter amounts of time are required, a modular ice machine is a requirement

Common Ice Machine Repairs & Services

Common ice machine repair and service issues include defrosting, line clogs and damage, electronic failure, power supply, coil leaks, clogged filters, water pump failure, broken water inlet valves, evaporator problems, thermostat failure, mechanical failure and compressor repair or replacement.

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Commercial Ice Machine Manufacturers

The technicians at Central Ohio Appliance Commercial Repair are trained and experienced to service ice machines from manufacturers that include:

  • Manitowac
  • Scotsman
  • Maxx Ice
  • Hoshziaki
  • And more

Ice Machine Troubleshooting

Before calling for professional ice machine repair or service, there are steps that you can take to potentially solve common equipment issues. Here are a few common issues that you may be able to solve yourself, or provide valuable information for our technicians.

No Water. No Ice at All

While this may sound like common sense, be certain that water is flowing to the ice machine. An external plumbing issue could be occurring eliminating proper water flow, prior to reaching the equipment.

Frozen and Clogged Lines

If no ice is being produced at all, or if your ice machine is producing smaller or oddly crescent shaped cubes, it is possible that the lines are being clogged with frozen water. Try unplugging the unit for hours and allowing it to completely thaw. Once the unit reaches room temperature, with no internal freezing or ice, plug it back in to see if operation returns to normal.

Water Is Not Getting Cold

This is often an issue with a gas leak or a compressor. A technician will need to assess the situation.

The Ice Machine is Running Hot

This is usually the sign of a bigger problem. Immediately unplug the unit to try to avoid further damage and contact a technician immediately.

Cold Water is Running but there is Still No Ice

This is a common problem and often is the result of a faulty bin switch. It is a faster diagnosis with the description of what is occurring

Ice Machine Repair or Service

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