Commercial Washer & Dryer Repair

Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair & Service

Central Ohio Appliance Repair Inc. is experienced in helping our customers maintain and repair any issues they might have with their Commercial Laundry Equipment.
Our technicians have been helping our customers for many years, whether you have a

  • Laundromat
  • Hair Salon or Barber Shop
  • Veterinarian Clinics
  • Retirement Communities
  • Multi Family Housing Communities
  • Hospitals
  • Or Any Other Use You Might Have
  • Commercial washers

Central Ohio Appliance Repair Inc. also works on all of the Major Commercial Laundry Equipment Brands.

Such as:


Programs: Central Ohio Appliance Repair Inc. also offers Preventative Maintenance Programs to help keep your equipment working properly and lasting longer.

We service all of the different types of Commercial Washers and Dryers



Commercial Top Loading Washers

The Commercial Top Loading Washer is the traditional style washer.

The Commercial Top Loading washer is very sturdy, and ideal for laundry rooms that you might find in a Multi Family or Hotel Property. Many times these Coin Op Commercial Top Loading Washers, or a Card Reader Commercial Top Loading Washer.

Commercial Front Loading Washers

The Commercial Front Loading Washer is a much more Energy Efficient washer and gentler on the laundry. The Commercial Front Loading Washer can also be a Space Saver by stacking Washers on top of Washers or a Commercial Dryer on top of the Commercial Front Loading Washer.

Industrial Extracting Washer or Commercial Tunnel Washer

These two Commercial Washers are more commonly used in an a Industrial environment (Hospitals, Large Resort Properties, Prisons etc.)

Commercial Extracting Washer

The Commercial Extractor Washeris much like a Residential Top Loading Washer, except it is much larger. Some of the Commercial Extractor Washers are so large a man could stand inside of the tub.

Commercial Tunnel Washer

This is a very expensive piece of Laundry Equipment and is very large. The Commercial Tunnel Washer simply explained, works with a large “Corkscrew” that moves the laundry through different chambers from wash to rinse. Believe it or not, with the size of the Commercial Tunnel Washer they are very efficient and economical.

Commercial Dryers

Commercial Dryers come in a variety of styles and sizes as well. They start with the Coin Op Commercial Dryer, which is most commonly found in small Laundramats, Multi Family and Condominium Properties and some Hotel Laundry Rooms. These Coin Operated Dryers are the same as you’ll find in a residential home, and can be Natural Gas or Electric Heat.

As we move on up to the larger Commercial Dryer or Industrial Dryers, you’ll find that most all Larger Commercial Dryers and Industrial Dryers are Gas Heat or Steam Heat.

Coin Op Dryers

As said above, the Coin Op Commercial Dryer is just a Residential Dryer with Coin or Card Devise that a customer needs to activate to start the Dryer.

Larger Commercial Dryers

The Larger commercial Dryer is not really different from the Standard Coin Op Commercial Dryer, as they usually are Coin
Operated, and can be a Gas or Electric Heat.

The big difference is that these Dryers can be Stacked on top of another Commercial Dryer or Commercial Washer. This makes the Larger Commercial Dryer a little more economical, by becoming a Space Saver allowing more appliances to fit into a space.

Industrial Dryers

Industrial Dryers are used in very large situations such as, Athletics, Hospitals, Large Resorts, Healthcare Facilities and Correctional Institutes. These Industrial dryers can handle a single load up to 500 pounds and are usually a Gas Heat or Steam Heat.